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#0075   (22juni2004)
Huexotzinco Codex
Huexotzinco Codex, 1531   link
#0074   (21juni2004)
Mido Swissonic
Mido Swissonic   link
#0073   (20juni2004)
Stereo Total
download de gratis cd "trésors cachés"! Stereo Total, nog steeds leuk.   link
#0072   (19juni2004)
John James Audubon
John James Audubon    link  +  link
#0071   (18juni2004)
First Map of American Continent "Die neuwen Inseln so hinder Hispanien gegen Orient bey dem land India ligen."  link
#0070   (17juni2004)
John Biel
Joe Biel  link
#0069   (16juni2004)
James van der Zee
James van der Zee  link  +  link  +  link   +  link
#0068   (15juni2004)
Inca Essenhigh
Inka Essenhigh, "My paintings use the understood language of cartoon to depict a world that is as man made as the world or the future of the world my be."   link  +  link
#0067   (14juni2004)
The Drawing Center   link
#0066   (13juni2004)
Spotwork, the evolution of visuals   link  +  link
#0065   (12juni2004)
Someone's finally catalogued the near-complete works of Aloha, AKA the The Octopus Graffiti Dude who puts up octopus drawings all over town. We wonder what his love of octopus is. Why so damn cryptic, Aloha?   link
#0064   (11juni2004)
² Bruce Davidson
Bruce Davidson "Images from Time of Change"  link  +  link  +  link
#0063   (11juni2004)
Lekkerelegoletters etc.  link  +  link  (2e woord linksboven)  +  bonus  link (voor als u een pop-up blokker heeft)
#0062   (11juni2004)
Gletscher, Patagonia  link  +  link
#0061   (11juni2004)

"Step into the renaissance through the world of illuminated books" toe maar   link

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