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#0495 (3juni2005)
Pribilov Islands
Sealing in the Pribilov Islands became a major American venture after the Alaska Purchase in 1867.  Link
#0494 (2juni2005)
Ben Frost ' don't know much about art,' he said, 'but I know what I like - and I don't like it.' acrylic on board 2005, 60cm x 60cm   Link
#0493 (1juni2005)
Shary Boyle
Shary Boyle "the haircut"  Link
#0492 (31mei2005)
Robert Crumb
Robert Crumb  Link + Link + interview (Dutch)
#0491 (30mei2005)
lomax collection
Lomax collection - about 400 photographs. 1934-ca. 1950. Snapshots documenting sound recording expeditions carried out by John Avery Lomax, Alan Lomax, and Ruby Terrill Lomax for the Archive of American Folk Song, including African American and Latino musicians, singers, and dancers, primarily in the southern United States and the Bahamas.  Link
#0490 (29mei2005)
© centre culturel Alexandra David-Néel
Alexandra David-Néel  Link + Mysterious people  Link
>> atelierroute Groningen  Link <<
#0489 (28mei2005)
Stefan J.H. van Dinther
Stefan J.H. van Dinther  Link
#0488 (27mei2005)
Yüksel Arslan
Yüksel Arslan "Onanistan 2" Arture 452 (1995) 35 x 69 cm (livre L’HOMME, tome III)  Link
#0487 (26mei2005)
Miss Beatnik of 1959
"Angel", a Brooklyn College student, was selected Miss Beatnik of 1959. She is posing on MacDougal Street, in front of the 1931 Chevrolet Independence wood-wheeled roadster owned by radio monologuist Jean Shepherd. Miss Beatnik is now a psychoanalyst, mother of three, and a grandmother. Link
#0486 (25mei2005)
Richard (T.) Colman
Richard (T.) Colman  Link + Link (sixspace) +link
#0485 (24mei2005)
Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold   Link + Link (interview)
#0484 (23mei2005)
Nuevos Ricos 
Nuevos Ricos   Link   (ook mp3's)  @ ARCO Madrid
#0483 (22mei2005)
Daniel Lezama
Daniel Lezama 'The Venus, the Rebel, 2002 240 x 195 cms Oil on linen'   Link + Link
#0482 (21mei2005)
Robert Bechtle 'gran Torino 1974'
Robert Bechtle  Link + Link
#0481 (21mei2005)
Early aircraft design  Link
update #0467 beluister de nwe Meidert Talma & the Negroes cd eens zelf  Link
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