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#0345  (16januari2005)
A Tahitian beauty (Une beauté tahitienne) Postcard, c 1910 / Portrait of Daniel Bula, the first Christian convert of Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands Real photo postcard, c 1910  Link
#0344  (15januari2005)
Siebe de Boer

Siebe de Boer (detail)  vanaf vandaag te zien in galerie Sign, Groningen  Link  ( >>actueel) + Nieuwe site  Link

#0343  (14januari2005)
Yoshiwara prostitutes
Yoshiwara prostitutes, ca. 1903. Prostitutes from lesser brothels, though dressed in splendid silk kimono, would be displayed from behind wood barriers, sitting speechless and motionless - sometimes for hours - until they caught the attention of a passerby  Link  (old Tokyo)
#0342  (13januari2005)
North Central Freeway
North Central Freeway: The Initial Study with revised I-95 Northeast Freeway 1963-64  Link + Link ( highways and communities)
#0341  (12januari2005)
Marion Peck
Marion Peck  Link
#0340  (11januari2005)
Squint Eyes
Squint Eyes
Squint Eyes  Link
#0339  (10januari2005)
canstruction  Link + Link + Link + Link
#0338  (09januari2005)
Ando Hiroshige  Link + Link
#0337  (08januari2005)
Josep Renau
Josep Renau  Link + Link + Link + Link
#0336  (07januari2005)
Mary Henderson
Mary Henderson, Storybook Land, oil on panel, 10"x8"  Link
#0335  (06januari2005)
East-Kent Arts-Club
East-Kent Arts-Club, u bent morgen wederom wellekome  Link
#0334  (05januari2005)
Colien Langerwerf  ,oil on canvas 100x100cm
Première!! ...de hagelnieuwe site voor Colien Langerwerf is af... Link
#0333  (04januari2005)
"the empire that was Russia"  Link + Prokudin-Gorskii collection  Link
#0332   (03januari2005)
Lori Nix
Lori-Nix, Accidentally Kansas   Link
#0331   (03januari2005)
Tokyo-abstraction  Link  + Link
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